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You must visit a showroom to purchase fireworks. Not all advertised items are available in all showrooms. Prices subject to change. No rain checks. Sky King Fireworks is not responsible for typographical or printing errors. All fireworks are sold at the showroom in strict accordance with applicable local and state laws. If you purchase fireworks please use them in compliance within the laws and in a safe manner consistent with all safety rules. Must be 18 years old to purchase fireworks. Valid drivers license is always required. Void where prohibited by law. Fireworks are illegal within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without permission from the appropriate authorities and is subject to criminal penalties. Check with your local fire department to see if permissible fireworks may be used in your community. FOR THE LOCATION NEAREST YOU VISIT SKYKINGFIREWORKS.COM FLORIDA GEORGIA INDIANA STORE HOURS OPEN ALL YEAR 7 DAYS MAY 27 JUNE 9 JUNE 10 JUNE 16 JUNE 17 JUNE 23 JUNE 24 JULY 3 JULY 4 JULY 5 JULY 10 JULY 11 DECEMBER 23 10AM 6PM 9AM 9PM 9AM 10PM 9AM 11PM 8AM MIDNIGHT 8AM 11PM 10AM 8PM 10AM 6PM TABLE OF CONTENTS 500 GRAM REPEATERS SINGLE SHOT TUBES 3 TUBE RACKS SPRINKLER CAKES MORTARS AND SHELLS 200 GRAM REPEATERS ASSORTMENTS ROCKETS ROMAN CANDLES SATURN MISSILES PARACHUTES FIRECRACKERS AND SALUTES NOVELTIES AND SPARKLERS SMOKE AND SPINNERS FOUNTAINS MAPS AND LOCATIONS 4-8 9 10-11 12-15 16-18 19-27 28-29 30 31 32-33 34 35 36-37 38-39 OPEN ALL YEAR 7 DAYS MAY 1 MAY 26 MAY 27 JUNE 2 JUNE 3 JUNE 16 JUNE 17 JUNE 23 JUNE 24 JULY 3 JULY 4 JULY 5 SEP 5 SEP 6 DEC 23 10AM 8PM 9AM 9PM 9AM 10PM 9AM 11PM 9AM MIDNIGHT 8AM MIDNIGHT 8AM 11PM 9AM 9PM 10AM 8PM PENNSYLVANIA STORE HOURS Before taxes. must bring entire catalog to receive bonus WE GUARANTEE OUR EVERYDAY COMPETITIVE PRICES. IF YOU FIND A VERIFIABLE CURRENT LOWER PRICE ON AN IDENTICAL IN-STOCK ITEM FROM ANY RETAILER WE WILL MATCH THEIR PRICE AND BEAT IT BY 10. FOGETABOUTIT HL-5G02A 16 SHOTS A Sky King classic featuring red waves spinning red tails silver fish glittering willows crackle and more. 79.99 NEON THUNDER SK-5G23B 25 SHOTS Red green blue lemon and purple dahlia with silver chrysanthemum. Best neon colors of the year 89.99 HARLEM NIGHTS SK-5G1301 9 SHOTS This repeater fires massive brocades with multi-color tips and booming reports. 79.99 HIGH ROLLER 3D-5G07 20 SHOTS Big blasts featuring red purple and yellow coconut effects with bright white strobes. 79.99 FINAL COUNTDOWN HL-5G02B 16 SHOTS Colored tails to large crackling willows. Ends with 4 shot finale of red and green dahlias with crackle. 79.99 iPYRO SK-5G1405 25 SHOTS Red green yellow purple and silver coconuts with white strobes and chrysanthemum. 89.99 THE CRAIG-OR SK-5G1404 20 SHOTS Heres to you Craig This piece is packed with blue mines white glitter colorful falling leaves and blue pearls. 89.99 CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY 3D-5G1520 25 SHOTS Crimson blue white green yellow and orange strobes with green dahlia with silver chrysanthemum finale. 89.99 ENTIRE FIREWORKS INVENTORY IS BUY ONE GET ONE4 BLACK OPS SK-5G23A 25 SHOTS Red and purple dahlia with silver strobes with a double layer of silver chrysanthemums. 89.99 WE SALUTE YOU HL-5G1407 20 SHOTS White tail to white palm and time rain. Blue tail to brocade crown to blue. Red tail to gold and white strobe. 89.99 PROJECT X HL-5G1316AST4 9 SHOTS 9 massive shots of red green and blue to brocade. Gold glitter willow with blue pearls. White brocade crown with white glitter. Purple lemon and blue peony with silver chrysanthemum. 99.99 MAKE IT RAIN 3D-5G1310 16 SHOTS Brocade crown with rosy red spires jade green tips and a supersonic 8 shot time rain finale of brocades with color changing tips. 99.99 CULTURE SHOCK 3D-5G1605AST2 30 SHOTS Red purple yellow and green mines with silver spinners. Red purple yellow and green coconut with silver chrysanthemums. 89.99 IRON REAPER 3D-5G1605AST1 30 SHOTS Green red blue and multi-colored strobes with silver coconuts. Purple and blue coconut tails. 89.99 ASYLUM 3D-5G1506 30 SHOTS Red green yellow purple and gold coconuts with white strobes. Silver coconut with silver chrysanthemums. 99.99 UNCONQUERED 3D-5G1406 20 SHOTS Amazing effects such as red white and blue tails silver strobes gold willows and brocade crown.This piece is truly Unconquered 89.99 5 RISE UP SK-5G1411 24 SHOTS Rising brocade tail to brocade crown with red green and white glitter. Blue stars and chrysanthemums. 99.99 POWER SURGE 3D-5G04 30 SHOTS An electrifying display filled with crackling effects including crackling bouquet and silver chrysanthemum bouquet. 99.99 UNHALLOWED HL-5G1606 24 SHOTS Crackling tail to red green and blue crackling. Brocade crown mine tail to brocade crown and blue with white glitter. 99.99 BOOM SHAKA-LAKA HL-5G1315 24 SHOTS Blue tail crackling to orange with white glitter. Blue tail crackling to orange and blue. Blue tail crackling to red glitter willow with orange. 99.99 ROYAL THUNDER SK-5G1522 30 SHOTS A thundering display of gold palms with blue stars. Gold palms green strobes and crackling willows. 99.99 QUEEN OF THE DAMNED SK-5G1507 23 SHOTS Green purple red and white strobe with brocade crown. Red dahlia with white strobes. 99.99 INDEPENDENCE HL-5G1409 25 SHOTS Celebrate our independence with red green silver and gold glittering tails. Red silver and gold glitter willows. 99.99 COMFORTABLY NUMB SK-5G1408 30 SHOTS Red green purple yellow and blue palms with white gold and green glitter with a silver chrysanthemum. 99.99 FOR THE LOCATION NEAREST YOU VISIT SKYKINGFIREWORKS.COM6 THE MONEY SHOT SK-5G1608 24 SHOTS Silver whistling dragons. Blue red and green tails to brocade crown. Silver glitter with crackling chrysanthemum. 99.99 THE RECKONING SK-5G1607 21 SHOTS Silver and gold whistling tail with red glitter and blue chrysanthemums. Brocade crown king with red purple green and white glitter and crackling. 99.99 PYRO JUNKIE SK-5G1610 25 SHOTS Crackling willows with red green purple and blue stars. Red and green crackling pillars. 99.99 ONE NIGHT STAND SK-5G1609 16 SHOTS Brocade crown to red green yellow orange purple and blue stars. Green gold and white strobes with silver chrysanthemums. 99.99 ZOMBIE OUTBREAK SK-5G1412 25 SHOTS Blood red and blue dahlias with green and white strobes. Silver palm chrysanthemum and crown to crackling willow. 99.99 SUCKER PUNCH SK-5G1457 53 SHOTS 53 massive shots filled with colorful effects such as glitter mines falling leaves sparkling mines brocade crown and more. 99.99 INSANE HL-5G1314 50 SHOTS 50 insane shots of red green yellow blue and purple pearls with time rain. 99.99 RUN FOR COVER HL-5G1521 36 SHOTS Gold willows and chrysanthemums with red white blue and green strobes. 99.99 7 TWILIGHTS LAST GLEAMING SK-5G1416 10 SHOTS This patriotic piece fills the sky with amazing vibrant strobe effects. 119.99 THE FREAK SHOW 3D-5G1511 10 SHOTS Freakishly huge shots filled with an array of gold willows red green purple and blue bursts with crackling mines on every shot. 109.99 2 MINUTE WARNING SK-5G1538 63 SHOTS Our longest lasting repeater is filled with a barrage of strobes brocade crown crackling tails flying fish and peony. 119.99 MERICA SK-5G1510 25 SHOTS Tiger tail red and blue dahlia with white strobes. Red brocade crown with silver chrysanthemums. 109.99 LET FREEDOM BOOM SK-5G1513 30 SHOTS Loaded with red white and blue glitter chrysanthemum with silver fish jellyfish and brocade crown. 129.99 WICKED HARDCORE HL-5G1316AST3 9 SHOTS 9 shots of white brocade crown with blue pearls white brocade crown with green pearls white brocade crown with purple pearls and white brocade crown. 99.99 KRAZY TRAIN HL-5G1611 28 SHOTS Red and green glitter bouquet to silver green white and red glitter. Silver palm with white glitter bouquet to crackling bouquet and silver palm. 109.99 50 SHADES OF BOOM SK-5G1512 33 SHOTS Red and silver flash peony green and blue crackling palm tree silver coconut tree and gold silver and red fish. Big silver coconut tree with crackers. 119.99 ENTIRE FIREWORKS INVENTORY IS BUY ONE GET ONE8 5000 TUBES HL-T02 1. White and gold strobe pistil with silver tail and report. 2. Green to white strobe and time rain with silver tail and report. 3. Large gold silk willow to red with silver tail and report. 4. Gigantic brocade crown with silver tail and loud report. 5. High altitude silver strobe willow with silver tail and report. 6.Awesome crackling willow with silver tail and loud report. EACH SOLD SEPARATELY 21.99 EACH 500 FLUORESCENT TUBES SK-T01 1. Neon orange peony spectacular in height and pattern break. 2. High altitude aerial burst with neon purple color. 3.Awesome neon pink peony with great diameter and height. 4. Spectacular neon lime peony with awesome lift. 5. High-in-the-sky shell with beautiful neon lemon peony. 6. Powerful lift to a gigantic neon sea blue peony. EACH SOLD SEPARATELY 26.99 EACH BLASTER TUBES BF1983 1. Superb silver brocade that explodes intoglorious green tips. 2. Brilliant blast of brocade with sumptuous silver stars androsy red ends. 3. Paramount peony with multi-color stars with barrage of crackling stars. 4. Gargantuan gold willows that shimmer and crackle endlessly. 5. Blast ofcolossalcrackle that sizzles on the horizon. 6. Dynamic dahlia with silver stars that transform into ruby red stars. EACH SOLD SEPARATELY 9.99 EACH t t t 3000 TUBES HL-T01 1. Gold silk willows to green with silver tail and report. 2.Time rain chrysanthemum with silver tail and report. 3. Silver wave pistil with green crackle and report. 4. Blue peony and strobe pistil with silver tail and report. 5. Gold willow and strobe pistil with silver tail and report. 6. Huge shot of red wave with silver tail and report. EACH SOLD SEPARATELY 17.99 EACH t 9 GUERRILLA WARFARE SK-TR1449 9 SHOTS Sure to be a new favorite this 9 shot finale piece is loaded with colorful effects such as huge glittering brocades and dahlias. 179.99 STALLION 3D-TR1668 9 SHOTS 9 knock out shots filled with brocade crowns green glitter purple peonies chrysanthemums and red glitter. 179.99 GIVE ME LIBERTY SK-TR1451 9 SHOTS A patriotic combination of massive red white and blue bursts with sparkling glitter. 189.99 KING OF THIEVES SK-TR1672AST2 9 SHOTS Red peony with green glittering pistils. Blue peony with coconut pistils. Brocade crown with blue pistils. 199.99 BASKET CASE HL-TR1669 9 SHOTS This finale piece is truly INSANE Red green and purple palms with white and green strobes. Brocade crown with crackling and blue stars. 189.99 ZOMBIE SLAYER HL-TR1671 9 SHOTS Red to white strobe with crackling. Green to white strobe with crackling. Purple to white strobe with crackling. Blue to white strobe with crackling. 199.99 BEAST MODE 3D-TR1455 9 SHOTS Theres no disguising the sheer power of this 9 shot finale. Six 3 shots of silver wave with color changing tips and a 3 shot gold brocade finale. 199.99 ERADICATOR SK-TR1672AST1 9 SHOTS Silver crown with red pistil. Silver crown with green pistil and silver crown with blue pistil. 199.99 ENTIRE FIREWORKS INVENTORY IS BUY ONE GET ONE10 B.A.M.F. 3D-5GS1331 156 SHOTS This hard hitting super finale showers you with 156 shots of crackling gold willows. 199.99 MASQUERADE SK-5GS1419 105 SHOTS A barrage of colorful effects including comets silver fish star mines crackling comets whistling tails and falling leaves. 199.99 SYMPHONY OF COLOR SK-5GS1617 162 SHOTS Multi-colored crackling tails silver tails with whistling and crackling. Red and blue giant tiger tail and a brocade crown with time rain and red strobe finale. 279.99 COLORFUSION SK-5GS1615 149 SHOTS Red blue and green crackling to red brocade crown with green. Brocade crown to blue and gold tail and red wave with crackling. 169.99 LAST CALL 3D-5GS1612 130 SHOTS Whistling tails silver chrysanthemum mines multi-colored stars and gold tails to brocade crown. 149.99 EDGE OF INFINITY SK-5GS1613 104 SHOTS Time rain mine to red green yellow and blue stars with time rain. Brocades with colorful dahlia. 149.99 HELLCAT HL-5GS1614 130 SHOTS A hellish display of effects including whistling blue tail to brocade crown silver chrysanthemums to multi-colored pearls gold tails to brocade crown. 169.99 ORGANIZED CHAOS 3D-5GS1616 205 SHOTS 205 shots rain down with blue red green yellow and silver tails chrysanthemums and crackling. 219.99 24 KARAT SK-5GS15 115 SHOTS Z shaped effect with colorful stars crackling mine peacock tails and red comets. Multi-colored palm tree effect and crackling star finale. 219.99 11 ASSORTED ARTILLERY SHELLS 3D-AS01 6 SHELLS 6 EFFECTS Six assorted shells that burst into bright colors and loud report. 1 KIT 24.99 FESTIVAL BALLS SK-AS02 6 SHELLS 6 EFFECTS Six reloadable shells with multi-colored bursts. 1 KIT 19.99 RED TAIL SQUADRON SK-AS1517 12 SHELLS 12 EFFECTS 12 assorted single break shells with amazing color tails and hard hitting report. 1 KIT 59.99 CRAZY CHAMELEON HL-AS1620 12 SHELLS 12 COLOR CHANGING EFFECTS These crazy shells will keep you guessing as the initial color burst changes into another color right before your eyes. 1 KIT 59.99 OLD GLORY SK-AS1621 6 CANISTER SHELLS 6 EFFECTS This patriotic kit contains all red white and blue canister shells with spectacular effects and color. 1 KIT 54.99 1 ARTILLERY SHELLS HL-AS1618 6 SHELLS 6 EFFECTS Six small but powerful shells packed with colorful bursts. 1 KIT 12.99 FOR MORE PRODUCTS AND VIDEOS VISIT SKYKINGFIREWORKS.COM12 CRACKLING ARTILLERY SHELLS 3D-AS01 6 SHELLS 6 EFFECTS Six shells with multi-colored bursts and crackling effect. 1 KIT 24.99 TRIPLE CROWN SK-AS1474 10 SHELLS 30 EFFECTS 10 shells with massive triple breaks. 30 eye popping effects. 1 KIT 99.99 WHISTLING ARTILLERY SHELLS 3D-AS01 6 SHELLS 6 EFFECTS Six loud whistling shells with colorful breaks. 1 KIT 24.99 FLUORESCENCE 3D-AS1619 6 SHELLS 6 EFFECTS Six beautiful fluorescent color shells with awesome height and piercing report. 1 KIT 27.99 DOUBLE PLAY SK-AS1473 12 SHELLS 24 EFFECTS 12 shells with huge double breaks. 24 mind blowing effects. 1 KIT 89.99 ASTRODOME SK-AS06 12 SHELLS 12 EFFECTS 12 peanut shells with jumbo bursts assorted effects and booming report. 1 KIT 69.99 13 The highest grade canister shells on the market. Colorful breaks great lift and thunderous reports. Each kit has its own unique shells with sensational crowd-pleasing patterns. TREMENDOUS 24 SK-AS10 24 CANISTER SHELLS 24 EFFECTS 1 KIT 189.99 EXTREME 16 SK-AS09 16 CANISTER SHELLS 16 EFFECTS 1 KIT 129.99 BIG 8 SK-AS08 8 CANISTER SHELLS 8 EFFECTS 1 KIT 69.99 NUCLEAR WARHEADS SK-AS13 24 CANISTER SHELLS 24 EFFECTS 24 super velocity canister shells with spectacular effects and color. A great show-stopper 1 KIT 129.99 WE HONOR ALL COMPETITORS PRICES AND COUPONS PLUS 10 OFF.14 THE SKY KING SK-AS11 36 SHELLS 54 EFFECTS You cant beat the king This awesome kit has an assortment of 36 colorful shells and a total of 54 amazing effects.The Sky King is equipped with all types of shells including single shells canister shells double and triple break shells. 1 KIT 239.99 5 SUPER SHELLS SK-AS1501 24 SHELLS 24 MASSIVE EFFECTS These massive 5 canister shells provide the largest loudest highest and most colorful breaks available today 1 KIT 209.99 15 PALMS OVER PARADISE SK-RP1433 16 SHOTS Colorful palm effects glittering mines and silver chrysanthemum with brocade crown. 24.99 NUT CRUSHER SK-RP1430 16 SHOTS Multi-colored effects with white and blue glitter crackling stars red silk willow and red dahlia. 24.99 FALLING STARS SK-RP1431 16 SHOTS Fill the sky with blue stars with brocade crown and yellow stars with silver strobes. 24.99 ASSORTED DRINKS SK-RP11AST 7 SHOTS Get Lit Hard hitting 7 shot repeaters with knock-out reports. EACH SOLD SEPARATELY 6.99 EACH GARDEN IN SPRING BIG7038 7 SHOTS A mixture of red green and flashing white strobe with bright floral breaks. 7.99 96 SHOT COLOR PEARL BM13108 96 SHOTS High flying 96 shots of glowing red and green stars with loud crackle. 8.99 PAINT THE SKY HL-RP1427 10 SHOTS Silver and blue tail to yellow and blue peony with silver time rain. 13.99 THE WILD BUNCH HL-RP1655 20 SHOTS Twisting silver shots with red and white strobes. Whistling shots with green and time rain. 24.99 TENSION 3D-RP1326AST6 19 SHOTS Multi-colored crackle with white strobe with a 3 shot finale. 24.99 EMERALD GREEN SK-RP08AST-A 16 SHOTS A display of green and multiple colors awesome effects and loud reports. 24.99 RAGING RED SK-RP08AST-B 16 SHOTS A display of red and multiple colors awesome effects and loud reports. 24.99 BLUE BARRAGE SK-RP08AST-C 16 SHOTS A display of blue and multiple colors awesome effects and loud reports. 24.99 ENTIRE FIREWORKS INVENTORY IS BUY ONE GET ONE16 DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE SK-RP1429 16 SHOTS A spiraling array of red blue and silver tails to red wave with green. Glitter burst with silver tail to silver glitter and crackling burst. 24.99 21 GUN SALUTE SK-RP1434 20 SHOTS The perfect addition to your American salute.This repeater is filled with golden willows blue green and white glitter. 24.99 CONSTELLATIONS SK-RP1432 16 SHOTS 16 shots of assorted colors with breathtaking chrysanthemum mines and white glitter. 24.99 V SK-RP1428 16 SHOTS Blue green silver and red palm with purple blue and white glitter. 15.99 RUSSIAN ROULETTE HL-RP1658 21 SHOTS Purple and blue coconut with chrysanthemum and strobe. Brocade crown to purple red blue and green with silver chrysanthemum. 27.99 LOOK OUT 3D-RP1326AST5 19 SHOTS Multi-colored strobe with silver chrysanthemum with a 3 shot finale. 24.99 ADDICTING 3D-RP1326AST1 19 SHOTS Red green and blue with crackle. 16 shots one at a time with a 3 shot finale. 24.99 CONTAGIOUS 3D-RP1326AST2 19 SHOTS Silver wave with red green and blue crackle. 16 shots one at a time with a 3 shot finale. 24.99 UNLEASHED 3D-RP1326AST4 19 SHOTS Red wave with green blue and white strobe crackle with a 3 shot finale. 24.99 EXTORTION 3D-RP1326AST3 19 SHOTS Red and silver wave green and white strobe silver chrysanthemum with a 3 shot finale. 24.99 ACE OF SPADES SK-RP1436 16 SHOTS The ace in the hole with a cycle of red green yellow and purple coconuts with white glitter. 27.99 NAUGHTY NICE SK-RP1438 20 SHOTS Its naughty and nice with dynamic colored waves brocade crowns crackle and chrysanthemums. 27.99 17 UNCLE BOOM BOOM 3D-RP1439 16 SHOTS Powerful multi-colored palms with silver strobes crackle and time rain. Get your boom boom on 29.99 PATRIOT DREAM SK-RP1529 15 SHOTS This patriotic piece is filled with red and blue stars white strobes gold willows with brocade crown and red strobes with silver chrysanthemums. 34.99 BLACK WIDOW 3D-RP1530 9 SHOTS Beware of the Black Widow this deadly piece is packed with purple stars white and green strobes time rain and willows. 39.99 COLLISION OF COLOR HL-RP1329 19 SHOTS Colors pulsating with white strobes while emerald green and blue stars burst with crackle. 29.99 GRIM SK-RP1437 16 SHOTS A display of blue and white glitter with red. Its scary how good this repeater is. 27.99 3 ASSORTED REPEATERS HL-RP150123 25 SHOTS A Sky King classic featuring red waves spinning red tails silver fish glittering willows crackle and more. EACH SOLD SEPARATELY 29.99 EACH THE KINGS COURT SK-RP1528AST1-6 25 SHOTS EACH Where do your loyalties lie Choose from 6 members of The Kings Court with an assortment of effects and colors. EACH SOLD SEPARATELY 27.99 EACH PRO GRADE ASSORTED REPEATERS SK-RP1659AST1-6 16 SHOTS EACH These Pro Grade Repeaters are loaded with amazing colors an array of effects and hard hitting reports. Choose any or all of these top of the line repeaters. EACH SOLD SEPARATELY 27.99 EACH FOR MORE PRODUCTS AND VIDEOS VISIT SKYKINGFIREWORKS.COM18 1 FAMILY TRAY SK-SS1 Assortment of ground based colorful items that snap crackle and pop. Great family fun ASSORTMENT 29.99 2 FAMILY TRAY SK-SS2 Family fun for all with over 25 pieces this assortment has something to please the entire family. ASSORTMENT 39.99 4 FAMILY TRAY SK-SS4 Best selling family fun assortment. Comes with all the goodies and fun for the entire family. ASSORTMENT 64.99 t t Contents of assortments are subject to change. Product names and packaging may differ from picture shown. Final Assortment will maintain value listed. 19 SIZE DOESNT MATTER SK-AST01 Over 400 pieces Repeaters saturn battery missiles roman candles jumping jacks lady fingers rockets tanks fountains firecrackers novelties and so much more ASSORTMENT 39.99 ROCKETS RAMPAGE SK-AST02 A rocket lovers dream Includes sky rockets bottle rockets whistling bottle rockets wild geese rockets parachute rockets plus many more. ASSORTMENT 59.99 BOOTLEGGERS BUNDLE SK-AST15 A wide variety of fireworks from roman candles rockets firecrackers and jumping jacks.A nice variety of aerial and ground effects. ASSORTMENT 59.99 ENTIRE FIREWORKS INVENTORY IS BUY ONE GET ONE20 THE LITTLE KING SK-AST03 Packed with pyrotechnic fun including artillery shells repeaters jumping jacks fountains bottle rockets smoke and other great novelties. With over 350 pieces you truly are The Little King. ASSORTMENT 79.99 JERSEY SHORE SK-AST16 Packed to the brim with everything from roman candles to aerial tubes and even sparklers for the family. Everything you could need for a day down at the shore. ASSORTMENT 89.99 t t Contents of assortments are subject to change. Product names and packaging may differ from picture shown. Final Assortment will maintain value listed. 21 AERIAL FRENZY SK-AST04 Turn your backyard into a frenzy of action with 6 different assorted bee hive style repeaters. ASSORTMENT 139.99 t t I LOVE NEW YORK SK-AST06 A huge assortment with over 950 pieces. Unending possibilities to thrill the crowd and satisfy all your pyrotechnic needs. Includes artillery shells repeaters rockets roman candles firecrackers plus too many more items to mention. ASSORTMENT 139.99 FOR THE LOCATION NEAREST YOU VISIT SKYKINGFIREWORKS.COM22 FIT FOR A KING SK-AST1502 As its name suggests this assortment has only the best array of repeaters mortars firecrackers saturn missiles and more ASSORTMENT 149.99 AMERICAN SPIRIT SK-AST1501 Show your American Spirit with over 280 pieces Repeaters mortars bottle rockets tanks fountains firecrackers novelties and so much more ASSORTMENT 119.99 t t Contents of assortments are subject to change. Product names and packaging may differ from picture shown. Final Assortment will maintain value listed. 23 t THE EQUALIZER SK-AST1505 There is no equal to this massive assortment. Filled with all the big stuff like repeaters mortars saturn missiles and more ASSORTMENT 179.99 THE KINGS ARSENAL SK-AST13 If you are looking for a great show in one convenient package you wont find a better one than The Kings Arsenal. ASSORTMENT 169.99 t WE HONOR ALL COMPETITORS PRICES AND COUPONS PLUS 10 OFF.24 AMERICA THE BRAVE SK-AST1401 A special selection of our best performing single shot tubes aerial repeaters and mortars. Filled with red white and blue effects this is the perfect assortment to show your patriotism. ASSORTMENT 199.99 PANDORAS BOX SK-AST1503 Dare to open Pandoras Box With over 1100 pieces this enormous assortment has everything from mortars to sparklers with all that you need to light up the sky. ASSORTMENT 199.99 t Contents of assortments are subject to change. Product names and packaging may differ from picture shown. Final Assortment will maintain value listed. 25 PYROS PLAYHOUSE SK-AST10 A real fan favorite with over 1600 pieces this enormous assortment is a pyros dream and has everything you desire for your big fireworks show. ASSORTMENT 299.99 FOR MORE PRODUCTS AND VIDEOS VISIT SKYKINGFIREWORKS.COM26 THE KINGS TREASURE SK-AST1504 This assortment has it all everything from artillery shells to 500 and 200 gram repeaters. With a firecracker roll and M-5000 crackers this is our loudest and most colorful assortment available. ASSORTMENT 399.99 Contents of assortments are subject to change. Product names and packaging may differ from picture shown. Final Assortment will maintain value listed. 27 SKY DEFENDER BF5166 6 large super breaking high flying sky rockets 24.99 AIR SUPREMACY BF5165 Large rockets that burst with assorted effects and loud reports 22.99 NO FLY ZONE SK-RKT04 Colorful rockets with assorted effects of crackle palms willows and brocades. 24.99 RED GLARE 3D-RKT1443 Red and silver glitter with silver crackling and time rain. 17.99 PRO GRADE 160Z ROCKET SK-RKT1660 Pro Grade rockets with maximum color power and altitude. 16.99 HIGH ALTITUDE SK-RKT02 Multi-color with time rain strobe willow and palms. 19.99 DOUBLE RING CE-4106 Multi-colored double ring shell pattern. 19.99 PREMIUM BOTTLE ROCKETS SK-BR1624 Premium Bottle Rockets with maximum power and altitude. 1 GROSS 12.99 NEON MASTER MISSILES BC469 Neon colors with report. 10 PIECES 2.99 MOON TRAVELER BOTTLE ROCKETS BM-803 Classic bottle rockets with great altitude and report. 1 GROSS 8.99 SKY KING WHISTLING BOTTLE ROCKETS SK-BR02 Whistles with report. 1 GROSS 15.99 TEXAS POP ROCKETS BF-3239 High flyer with a good bang. 6.99 ENTIRE FIREWORKS INVENTORY IS BUY ONE GET ONE28 AERIAL ADVENTURE ROCKET ASSORTMENT SK-RKT1540 21 piece rocket assortment with a variety of effects including palms brocades crackling strobes chrysanthemums and more. 79.99 VERTICAL TAKEOFF 3D-RKT01 High flying rockets with stars strobes crackle and brocades. 24.99 SMILEY FACE BIG1603 This rocket flies high into the sky and breaks into a colorful smiley face. 24.99 SKYS THE LIMIT ROCKET ASSORTMENT SK-RKT1541 10 piece rocket assortment with a variety of effects including palms brocades crackling strobes chrysanthemums willows and more. 49.99 t PATRIOT SK-RKT03 Multi-color with willows crackling strobes and stars. 21.99 MACH 2 HL-RKT01 Colorful chrysanthemums willow strobe and time rain. 21.99 SILVER TAIL BOTTLE ROCKETS SK-BR1625 These premium bottle rockets have a silver tail with a loud report 1 GROSS 17.99 WILD GEESE BM1005 Bursts into a star effect that mimics the flight and sound of a flock of geese. 4.99 29 SIX PACK SK-RC09 6 PIECES 10 SHOTS Assorted effects. 9.99 NEON CYBER CANDLE SK-RC02 196 SHOTS 196 shots of multi-colored bright neon comet tails and effects. 29.99 PRO GRADE BOOMING CANNON SK-RC1531 100 SHOTS A shower of colored pearls plus loud report on every shot. 29.99 CRAZY CRACKLING SK-RC06 6 PIECES 10 SHOTS Crackling pearls. 8.99 MAGICAL CANDLE SK-RC05 6 PIECES 10 SHOTS Assorted effects. 7.99 FLASHING THUNDER BIG456 6 PIECES 10 SHOTS Colored pearls and loud report. 14.99 RED ALERT HL-RC1332 6 PIECES 10 SHOTS Blazing red comets. 9.99 THE KINGS SCEPTER SK-RC1445 4 PIECES 5 SHOTS Multi-color tails plus a silver chrysanthemum. 16.99 PYRAMID OF POWER SK-RC1466 12 PIECES 10 SHOTS Assorted candles with crackle silver tails color and report. 19.99 5 BALL PYRAMID CANDLE SK-RC04 12 PIECES 5 SHOTS Assorted effects. 11.99 PARACHUTE CANDLE SK-RC1662 5 PIECES 5 SHOTS Colorful shots with parachute. 13.99 SKY KING POWER CANDLES SK-RC03 Large Bore 5 high power shots of strobes flying fish and stars. 8 PIECES 35.99 ROMAN CANDLE ASSORTMENT SK-RCAST This 68 piece roman candle assortment carries a total of 620 shots with every effect you could wish for. 68 PIECES 99.99 30 25 SHOT SATURN MISSILE SK-SM25 25 SHOTS Whistling missiles with report. 3.49 50 SHOT JUMBO SATURN MISSILE SK-SM1664 50 SHOTS Jumbo whistling missiles with silver tail crackling and report. 27.99 100 SHOT SATURN MISSILE SK-SM100 100 SHOTS 100 whistling missiles with report. 12.99 300 SHOT SATURN MISSILE SK-SM300 300 SHOTS 300 whistling tail missiles and loud reports in rapid successive fire. 29.99 750 SHOT SATURN MISSILE SK-SM1446 750 SHOTS 750 loud whistling missiles with report. 199.99 JUMBO SATURN MISSILE SK-SM1532 92 SHOTS Soars high into the night sky with sizzling crackling tails and reports. 24.99 SINGLE DAY PARACHUTE 3D-P1650 Shoots parachutes high in the sky. Daytime pyro. 6 PIECES 8.99 SINGLE NIGHT PARACHUTE 3D-P1651 A single parachute flies into the sky and descends down with a string of flares so you can spot it in the night sky. 6 PIECES 8.99 JUMBO SINGLE NIGHT PARACHUTE SS-0608 This night time parachute shoots a jumbo sized parachute high in the sky. 4 PIECES 15.99 SMOKIN PARACHUTES SS-0607 These parachutes shoot high in the sky and leave a trail of smoke in its path. 4 PIECES 16.99 10 FOOT SUPER PARACHUTE SK-P1654 Launches a massive 10 foot parachute high into the sky. You wont miss this one coming down. 24.99 31 SKY KING 16000 ROLL SK-FC16000 16000 Firecrackers strung together light the end and these will fire one after another. 229.99 SKY KING 8000 ROLL SK-FC8000 8000 Firecrackers strung together light the end and these will fire one after another. 119.99 SKY KING 2000 ROLL SK-FC2000 2000 Firecrackers strung together light the end and these will fire one after another. 34.99 SKY KING 4000 ROLL SK-FC4000 4000 Firecrackers strung together light the end and these will fire one after another. 64.99 SKY KING 1000 ROLL SK-FC1000 1000 Firecrackers strung together light the end and these will fire one after another. 17.99 100 PIECE STRIP SK-FC100 1.99 SKY KING 500 ROLL SK-FC500 500 Firecrackers strung together light the end and these will fire one after another. 9.99 SKY KING FULL BRICK SK-FC8016 80 PACKS OF 16 24.99 SKY KING HALF BRICK SK-FC2440 40 PACKS OF 16 12.99 SKY KING JUMPING JACKS SK-SPN1667 12 PACK BRICK 4.99 WE HONOR ALL COMPETITORS PRICES AND COUPONS PLUS 10 OFF.32 350 PIECE LADY FINGERS SK-FC1625 350 PIECE STRIP 3.99 SALUTE CRACKERS BIG1944 12 PIECES 8.99 BLACK CAT HALF BRICK BC2440 40 PACKS OF 16 19.99 BLACK CAT FULL BRICK BC1280 80 PACKS OF 16 39.99 SKY KING TITANIUM FULL BRICK SK-FC8016T 80 PACKS OF 16 28.99 BUNKER BOMBS 3D-FCS1523 These Bunker Bombs contain a barrage of firecrackers. 5 PIECES 18.99 SKY KING TITANIUM HALF BRICK SK-FC2440T 40 PACKS OF 16 14.99 PIPE BOMBS HL-FC1472 Jumbo crackers with loud reports. 60 PIECES 15.99 M-5000 KING CRACKER SK-FC01 Bundle of super loud firecrackers strung together with quick fuse. 6 PIECES 10.99 MINI SALUTES SK-FC1524 Mini 1 inch crackers that pack a punch. 100 PIECES 3.99 SKY KING ASH CANS A legal version of the M-80. SK-FCS36 36 PIECES 10.99 SK-FCS72 72 PIECES 19.99 t t 33 LADY BUGS SK-W1679 Spins on the ground with red sparks then flies off with green and red lights ending with silver flowers. 3 PIECES 8.99 MORNING GLORY SK-SPMG15 Long lasting multi-color changes. 72 PIECES 9.99 36 MORNING GLORY SK-SPMG36 Long lasting multi-color changes. 6 PIECES 5.99 20 SPARKLER SK-SP20G 20 gold sparkler. 12 PIECES 8.99 NEON SPARKLER SKBC313-15B Long burning assorted neon colors. 5 PIECES 4.99 COLORED SPARKLER SK-SPC8 8 sparklers with assorted colors. 72 PIECES 9.99 GOLD SPARKLER SK-SPG8 8 sparklers with gold color. 772 PIECES 8.99 36 GOLD METAL SPARKLER BIG1016 36 gold sparkler. 4 PIECES 9.99 ENTIRE FIREWORKS INVENTORY IS BUY ONE GET ONE 6 PACK ASSORTED SNAKES BM1688 Black snakes colored snakes and glow worms. Light them and watch them grow. 6 PACKS 2.99 TANK WITH REPORT SK-NOV1471 Moves forward shooting gold sparks and a loud report. 4 PIECES 5.99 12 PIECES 14.99 CRACKLING BALLS KM1653 Crackling ball that rolls jumps and explodes like popcorn. 6 PIECES 1.99 PARTY POPPERS SK-NOV02 Pull the string for a bursting rainbow of streamers. Great for any occasion 6 PIECES 1.99 GOLDFISH GN-NOV1645 These cute goldfish roll on the ground and emit showers of sparks. Fun for the whole family 6 PIECES 9.99 SNAPPERS SK-NOV04 50 PIECE BOX Large poppers that bang when thrown on the ground. 4 PACKS 200 SNAPPERS 3.99 SKY LANTERNS BIG1539 These lanterns float high into the sky creating a wondrous lighted hot air balloon effect. AVAILABLE IN SIX COLORS AND WHITE. 9.99 EACH 34 JUMBO GROUND BLOOM BIG313 Spins with a three color change and large floral pattern. 4 PIECES 2.99 48 PIECES 29.99 2 COLOR SPACE SHIP SK-W1467 Unique spinner spins high into the air in two stages with bright showering tips. 6 PIECES 10.99 LARGE JUMPING JACKS SK-SPN1534 40 extra large jumping jacks tri-colored spinners that go wild in all directions 40 PIECES 11.99 MAGIC CRYSTAL BM2220 Spinning and rising high in the sky with red and green stars and loud whistle. 4 PIECES 12.99 GROUND BLOOM FLOWER BF310 Spins with red green and yellow flower pattern. 6 PIECES 1.99 72 PIECES 19.99 ARTIFICIAL SATELLITE BM2205 Flies in the air while spinning with red green and yellow flower patterns. 12 PIECES 3.99 GREEN WASPS 3D-W1675 These wasps spin on the ground and emit colorful showers of sparks as they shoot up off the ground. 6 PIECES 5.99 MAD HORNET SK-W1678 Once these hornets get mad they zip up into the sky. 6 PIECES 9.99 ATTACK COPTER SK-W1677 Watch these copters shoot high into the sky 6 PIECES 12.99 SPACE INVADERS SK-W1676 Provides a nice wide spray of silver sparks as this ethereal ship takes off into outer space. 6 PIECES 14.99 MAMMOTH SMOKE SNOV2070 Four assorted smoke sticks purple yellow white and pink. 4 PIECES 9.99 5 MINUTE SMOKE CANISTER BM2032 Long lastingthick smoke 1 PIECE 3.99 PULLING SMOKE GRENADE A7002 Just pull the string to release a minute of thick white smoke 1 PIECE 5.99 COLOR SMOKE BALLS SK-S1665 Twelve assorted colors of smoke per bag. 12 PIECES 2.99 35 EARTH WIND FIRE WATER 3d-FTN1627AST1-4 Four assorted fountains with vivid colors and multiple unique effects. EACH SOLD SEPARATELY 7.99 EACH EVENING SHOWER HL-FTN1626 Chrysanthemum with red blue yellow and green pearls. Golden and purple spring fountains with golden silk and silver crackling. 4.99 COLORFUL CHAOS SK-FTN1461 Unique fountain effect of brilliant flying color fish with intense crackling 17.99 FISH IN A BARREL SK-FTN1462 Noiseless fountain that has beautiful color fish flowers pearls pine needles and time rain 24.99 OUR FOREFATHERS SK-FTN1422 Multi-colored with whistles and white chrysanthemums. 29.99 BLAZIN NEON 3D-FTN1323 Some of the most vibrant colors displayed in a shower of effects with chrysanthemums stars and crackling. 22.99 SUMMER NIGHTS sk-FTN1628 This high performance fountain includes golden pine-needles red green and blue stars silver flares and crackling. 9.99 RAINBOWS KISS hl-FTN1630 Noiseless fountain with super fish. This piece is filled with red green yellow purple and blue fish that change to multi-colored fish. 10.99 SPARK IN THE DARK sk-FTN1635 Multi-colored sparks of wintersweet to gold flowers chrysanthemums blue springs silver bursts and blue crackling. 29.99 FOR MORE PRODUCTS AND VIDEOS VISIT SKYKINGFIREWORKS.COM36 DREAM FALL 3D-5GFTN1425 A peaceful array of colors featuring green blue and yellow stars silver crackle chrysanthemums and a special golden crackle. Sweet dreams 69.99 DRAGONS BREATH HL-5GFTN1525 Red pearl pine needles with white strobes spider silk white rose green pearl peacock and silver chrysanthemums with report. 59.99 CANDY CRUSHER SK-5GFTN1526 Blue red and green pearl pine needles blue pearl spider silk yellow pearls with white chrysanthemums red and green pearls with peach strobes and silver silk. 79.99 KINGS FOUNTAIN SK-FTN03 Six fountain pack with the newest and brightest colors with unique effects lasting over 3 minutes. 6 PIECES 15.99 CUCKOO Bm1232 These bring back fond memories for us all. Silver showers with loud whistles and crackle. 6 PIECES 11.99 KILLER BEES Bm1246 A classic fountain that releases a huge swarm of killer bees. 4 PIECES 11.99 ACES HIGH sk-FTN1633 White glitter with red and green stars with crackling. Phoenix tail with red and green stars and white chrysanthemum. 14.99 BELLAS BEAUTY 3D-FTN1320 Red purple green blue and gold coconuts followed by red green and blue chrysanthemums. 12.99 37 MUST BRING ENTIRE CATALOG TO VALIDATE. VALID DRIVERS LICENSE IS ALWAYS REQUIRED. FLORIDA LOCATIONS COCOA 12000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 3935 W. Highway 520 King St. Cocoa FL 32926 Phone 321 634-5200 Open Year Round DAYTONA BEACH 10000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 529 W. International Speedway Blvd. Daytona Beach FL 32114 Phone 386 255-8262 Open Year Round PORT CHARLOTTE 10000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 24220 Corporate Court Port Charlotte FL 33954 Phone 941 625-7007 Open Year Round PORT ST. LUCIE 6000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 7350 South US 1 Port St. Lucie FL 34952 Phone 772 340-0730 Open Year Round STUART 8000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 4885 US 1 Stuart FL 34997 Phone 772 219-5960 Open Year Round WEST PALM BEACH 10000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 235 S. Military Trail West Palm Beach FL 33415 Phone 561 615-6090 Open Year Round FORT MYERS 7000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 15901 S. Tamiami Trail US 41 Ft. Myers FL 33908 Phone 239 590-6200 Open Year Round MELBOURNE 6000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 3380 W. New Haven Ave. US 192 Melbourne FL 32904 Phone 321 953-9901 Open Year Round SARASOTA 9000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 8750 S. Tamiami Trail US 41 Sarasota FL 34238 Phone 941 966-5355 Open Year Round SARASOTA BRADENTON Outlet Store All the Big Stuff 4034 N. Washington Blvd. Sarasota FL 34234 Phone 941 351-8191 Open Apr. 1 Sept. 3 FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA38 DELAWARE RESIDENTS Delaware law prohibits the transportation sale possession or use of fireworks in Delaware without a valid permit. NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS New Jersey Law prohibits the transportation sale possession or use of fireworks in New Jersey without a valid permit. NEW YORK RESIDENTS The laws of New York prohibit the possession and use of fireworks without an appropriate permit. By possessing and using fireworks in New York without proper permits you could be subject to arrest and prosecution. Interstate transportation through New York is not prohibited. EASTON PA NJ 12000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 130 Morgan Hill Road Easton PA 18042 610 330-9655 Open Year Round ERIE PA BUFFALO NY 10000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 12261 East Main Rd. North East PA 16428 814 725-0102 Open Year Round EDINBURG PA YOUNGSTOWN OH 10000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 612 Martin Kelly Spear Rd. Edinburg PA 16116 724 667-6007 Open Apr. 1 Sept. 3 MORRISVILLE PA TRENTON NJ 10000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 3 South Pennsylvania Ave. Morrisville PA 19067 215 736-9040 Open Year Round TIOGA PA ROCHESTER 7500 Sq. Ft. Showroom 17555 Route 287 Tioga PA 16946 570 835-4047 Open Year Round SMYRNA GA ATLANTA 5000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 1725 Spring Rd SE Smyrna GA 30080 678 424-1721 Open Year Round EXIT 19 SPRING ROAD COBB PKW Y ATLANTA ROAD 285 CUMBERLAND MALL 41 SunTrust Park MACON GA 10000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 2101 Eisenhower Parkway Macon GA 31206 478 238-8000 Open Year Round 75 7474 MACON MALL EISENHOWER PKWY BRADWALSHPKWY VIN EVIL LE AVE. 41 41 EXIT 3 EXIT 162 475 SHREWSBURY PA BALTIMORE WASHINGTON DC 10000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 16358 Caprice Court New Freedom PA 17349 717 227-0999 Open Year Round PENNSYLVANIA LOCATIONS GEORGIA LOCATIONS INDIANA LOCATIONS SOUTH BEND 5000 Sq. Ft. Showroom 50571 S. US 933 North South Bend IN 46637 Phone 574 271-9170 Open Apr. 1 Sept. 3 WE ACCEPT MAJOR CREDIT CARDS. 39 SKY KING FIREWORKS 7350 South US 1 Port St. Lucie FL 34952 CURRENT RESIDENT OR PRSRTSTD USPOSTAGE PAID SKYKING FIREWORKS