Artillery Shells

Item # SK-AS10


24 piece canister shell mortar kit with 24 different effects. These prestigious canister shells are unrivaled for their color, breaks and thunderous reports. These unmatched effects make it the most sought-after reloadable shell available including: multi colored peony with crackles; red dahlia with white glittering; golden chrysanthemum; jumbo brocade crown with crackles; multi color peony to brocade; brocade crown with crackles; brocade silver to red; blue chrysanthemum; brocade silver to blue; green glittering with crackles; brocade silver to yellow; jumbo crackling; silver crackling palm; silver wave to red; red and silver peony; purple and green peony; jumbo silver chrysanthemum; lemon peony; blue and green glittering to brocade crown; purple peony; silver wave to green; golden glittering brocade; purple palm; brocade to crackling palm.

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  1. Superior Quality

    By Bob June 30, 2012

    I testfired one between 2 buildings. They definately pack more punch!

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